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Customers guide

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

To have the best strip-club experience

Come for the right reasons:

Remember that you are there to be surrounded by beautiful entertainment, and live out a fantasy. The entertainers are simply there to sell it to you so let them do their job

They are not there to date you, or to meet/hook up with you later. They are there to work and financially provide for themselves. Avoid going in with the intent for anything more than the services that they are there to provide, and go enjoy the services that they do offer.

Expand your horizon:

Go outside the box. You don’t always have to buy a dance based on looks. If the vibe is cool don’t be afraid to try out a dancer who isn't necessarily ''your type''

A dancer who isn't your type may surprise you, and may actually provide you with a better encounter.

For a better experience, pick a dancer based on more than just looks. Consider other things like body language and how well they interact with you

Tip dancer:

The dancers who have come to entertain you, are also working

This is a source of their income, and they solely work for tips. This is why it is so very necessary to tip. Tip after a dance, tip after he's interacted with you, tip when he goes on stage, etc...

Dancers don't get to keep all their earnings, as most clubs get a cut & they have to tip out at the end of their shift. So this is why they love tippers who help cover those costs.

Standard tipping is $5 or more at the stage, $20 or more for dances & interactions. Also, the tip rail is for tippers ONLY!!!

Tip staff

Tipping staff is not only amazing and proper etiquette, but it can take you a long way

When you take care of staff, they take care of you, and they will continue to take care of you every time you come in.

Your drinks might get made a little stronger, your cover fee may get waived, the best spot in VIP may get saved just for you, and the list can go on

If you truly want the best club experience, then TIP!!!

Avoid common questions:

When attempting to converse with our dancer, try avoiding questions they don't like to answer such as what/is that your real name? Where do you live? Can I have your number? How much do you make here? What are you doing after work?

These questions are annoying & intrusive

Dancers give fake names for a reason, so avoid asking them for personal information that is none of your business anyways

Be respectful of boundaries

Just because one dancer allowed this, doesn't mean another dancer will

Just because one club allowed that, doesn't mean another club does

This is why it's very important to ask what is and isn't allowed before you try something

No one is obligated to do whatever you want because you paid them. If you want a great experience, then be a gentleman and respect everyone's individual boundaries

Be honest and polite:

In addition to not wasting their time, be polite when it comes to letting them know

They understand they aren't everyone's type, and that the customers won't say yes to them when they want. THEY ARE OK WITH THIS, so don't hesitate to be honest with them about it

If you don't want anything from them, a simple ''No thank you'' or ''I'm waiting for someone else'' will do

Their feelings won't be hurt, and they won't waste your or their time to come back to bother you later.

Make yourself available:

It's true, that a good chunk of their job is to approach customers and see if they want to have fun with them. So because of that, the dancers often scan and read the room and determine who to approach first.

If you want to be on the top of the list, make yourself available.

Relax, and try your best to have open body language that shows you are ready to be approached. Avoid hiding way in the back of the club. Go up and show appreciation to the dancers you like on stage so they know to come to find you.


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